The Chicken Cottage awards of excellence will recognise the most responsible franchisees, and celebrate those that can formally demonstrate their positive impact on the brand.

The purpose of this is to identify and show our appreciation for the efforts of those franchises that have had, and continue to have, a constructive approach towards building the Chicken Cottage brand image amongst their customers and their local communities.

We hope these awards will inspire other franchisees to work towards improving their image and strive to
exhibit a better attitude towards the Brand.

There will be 5 categories of awards which will recognise:

Brand loyalty

Business attitude

Brand image

Customer services

outstanding achievement
Two nominations for each category will be recommended by the telesales and the operations team however only one franchisee will be awarded from each category.

The outstanding achievement award will be presented to the franchisee that demonstrates holistic and long term stewardship of their franchise and have aligned their values and business strategy in line with the guidelines set out by Chicken Cottage.

This is Chicken Cottage’s top award, with the overall winner, or what we call our ‘Example of Excellence’ receiving the designation of ‘Franchisee of the Year 2011’.

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