Owing to the desired brand awareness in the global market and the efforts of our Business Development Team to identify the specific franchise opportunities available outside the United Kingdom, Chicken Cottage has expanded significantly. We have franchisees already trading in Algeria, Libya, Pakistan, U.A.E, Ireland, Paris, Italy and Canada with Nigeria, Iran, Iraq and Bangladesh on-line to start trading in the near future.

Whilst we were always aware that developing and implementing an international franchising strategy could start us on the road to becoming the next global brand, we knew it would need to be planned well in advance. Structuring the product offering, looking for master franchisees and qualified brand ambassadors in other countries required expert assistance and considerable research into the chosen overseas markets.

The high and ever increasing number of international enquiries, along with optimum support from the head office, is the key to Chicken Cottage become one of the leading franchises. Year on year the company witnesses an increase in enthusiastic investors from all over the world which adds to our growth and expansion.

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