Join us, Become a franchisee

What you’ll need?

1. Management Skills
2. Full-time commitment
3. Strong interest and passion in the brand

What does it cost?

1. Average Set Up Cost per Store

£200,000 to £250,000

Franchise Fee
£15,000 – £30,000
(Depending on the shop size)
10 Years

2. Master Franchising Fee

£350,000 – £1,000,000
(Depending on country, area, population and branches)
10 Years

We are looking for franchisees in these areas...

How will we help you ….. the franchisee

  1. Franchisee & Management Training
  2. Full Total Quality Manuals & Standard Operating Procedures
  3. Supply Chain Management
  4. Supply proprietary branded /unbranded products
  5. Legal Support
  6. HR & Corporate Strategy Support
  7. Business Development
  8. Performance Support & Monitoring
  9. IT Infrastructure
  10. Advertising & Promotions

In the present …..

with an eye on the future


With all this success comes great responsibility. Chicken Cottage has the task of maintaining high standards and managing expectations. Our growth has provided additional tax revenues and job opportunities, particularly in the U.K. raising our company profile significantly.

As with our evolving store layout we have kept our menu up-to-date and fresh. We started off with fried chicken and accompaniments and then extended our healthier options and vegetarian range to appeal to the increasing market appetite in these areas. Our latest offerings include Kebab Wraps and Crispy Chicken. Where there is a demand we seize the opportunity.

Brand image maintenance is imperative if Chicken Cottage is to sustain a competitive, long term presence in the fast food industry. However, no matter how well the brand image is portrayed or how hard Chicken Cottage management work, the Franchisees are responsible for the success of innovative ideas and products since they are primarily in contact with customers. It is their enthusiasm and customer service that will reflect the company as a whole as well as determine whether the experience is such that it will bring the customer back time and time again.

Put your business acumen and skills to good use for your own benefit. For all, a Chicken Cottage Franchise offers a solid and supported business venture where you will be rewarded both financially and in terms of self- fulfilment.

So now you’re convinced of the benefits of a Chicken Cottage fast food franchise. What next? It couldn’t be simpler! Below is a simplified breakdown of the steps involved that need to be carried out in order to be considered as a franchisee.