Our New Look

New Look, Site & Building Design

Our designs always present CHICKEN COTTAGE in a fresh, vibrant and spirited way. Now our interiors are set to provide customers with the same in-store experience. These high quality interior and exterior finishes meet global standards to make the restaurants a second home to all.

Better Ambiance

As the CHICKEN COTTAGE business evolves with new menus, superior operations and new offerings, it is important to make customers aware of the changes. A new building design is one of the keys to communicating this.

Building Materials

Traditional cottage building is the inspiration to the new concept of CHICKEN COTTAGE restaurants. Timber and straw are integrated as the main features of the building to create the ‘closer to nature and home’ feelings for the diners.

Interior Design

The new look Dining Zone is furnished with a variety of modern seats for a more relaxed meal time experience. The ambience is defined with lighting, featured screens and ceilings. This fresh and vibrant interior offers a place cosy enough for one and relaxing surrounding for the whole family.

Primary Graphics

Primary graphics are always used in a pallet, and placed on a dominant wall where it will be the focus of attention. The graphics, when appropriately used can help define zones and produce maximum effect.


Secondary Graphics

Secondary graphics are also being used in a pallet. They are used to compliment the primary graphics, and inject colours into the environment.

Planning & Zoning

We first establish the appropriate paths of travel to the ordering counter, pick-up counter, and dining area. We defined the queuing clearance area in front of the ordering counter to be 2100mm and 1500mm to the pick-up counter. However, the clearance may vary to suit customer volume.

To the rear of the dining area, we have further divided the space by separating areas from the main counter and queuing zones. The intention is to create variation in the seating types and styles of dining for the customers to choose from.

Also known as the cosy area. It is created to give a pleasant and warmth feeling to the customers. With lounge type seating, special area creates comfortable and relaxing environment to suit the customer’s need.

As a primary family space, it often serves multiple functions, casual and informal. It is a place suitable for family or group gathering.

The outdoor area is important to most markets (depending on the climate). It should be an extension of the dining space and have the same attention given to the seating variation as well as zoning. As an outdoor space, it should be furnished with timber finishing and creative use of plants, to enhance the natural environment.