Chicken Cottage Ltd Internet Site Privacy Policy

Chicken Cottage Limited, referred to in this policy as “we”, “us” or “our”, are pleased to provide information to all of our customers about our online privacy policy. Please be assured that we use our best efforts to protect the privacy of visitors to this web site.


Types of Information We Collect and How It Is Used

We only gather personal information, such as first and last names, addresses and email addresses, when voluntarily submitted by you. For example, personal information may be collected from you when you give your feedback on our web sites and our products or register on our site.


Sharing of Personal Information

We may share personal information within Chicken Cottage’s Family; by this expression, we mean Chicken Cottage Ltd, together with their respective franchisees and certain selected companies.

Those selected companies are either our partners who perform a function such as prize-provision within our promotions and offers, or are agencies and suppliers whom we have retained to assist us to more effectively fulfill orders, manage and conduct promotions and offers, provide technical assistance and support and perform other functions to support our marketing activities.

All selected companies may have access to personal information if needed to perform such functions, but will only be permitted by us to use such personal information for the purpose of performing that function (which may include one to which you have expressly given your consent) and not for any other purpose.

We do not currently envisage our wishing to transfer personal information about you outside of the European Economic Area, but in the unlikely event we should wish to do so in future, we will only do so to the extent that it is permitted under all privacy and communications legislation applicable within England. Of course if we need your specific and express consent to do this, we will obtain it before transferring any information.

In all cases, any use of your personal information by the Chicken Cottage Ltd which use has been instigated by us (as opposed, for example, to a promotional partner), will comply with this policy.

Occasionally, with your permission and depending on the purpose for and context in which you gave that permission, we will send marketing information and news to you, for example, relating to new product offerings, loyalty schemes and clubs, discount coupons and other promotions and offers. This may include our sending to you marketing information for the products or services of a promotional partner on that partner’s behalf.

However, in every case, if you do not elect to receive such communications or if you elect to discontinue receiving them, then we will not send or will cease sending them to you. Also, we reserve the right to use or disclose any information as needed to satisfy any law, regulation or legal request, to protect the integrity of the site, to fulfill your requests, or to cooperate in any law enforcement or regulatory investigation. Save for this, we do not sell, transfer or disclose personal information we have collected from you in connection with our web site activities, to third parties outside the Chicken Cottage Family.

Please note that if we are, in turn, a promotional partner of an unrelated company, for example where we are not asking you to submit any personal information to us but are simply providing information on our site and may be a link to the other company’s web site where one must visit to take part in that company’s promotion, offer or other activity, then the privacy policy of that other company will apply instead of ours.

Whilst we make very effort only to tie-in with reputable companies which have a similar high regard for your privacy, you should make sure you are aware of what their policies say, as we are not responsible for the policies and practices of other companies, including those of other members of the Chicken Cottage Family.


Our Privacy Policy Regarding Children

We are very sensitive to privacy issues. We are proud of our long time commitment to our customers. We are especially careful in any communications with one of our most treasured customers – children.

On our web sites, we offer many features, like downloadable wallpapers and colouring activities, which do not require a child to provide any personal information.

Our policy is not to collect personal information from any child under 12 unless for a specific activity where the child’s parent or guardian has first written to us with that parent’s or guardian’s consent to that specific activity.

We collect only limited personal information from children under 17 (like their email addresses) to respond to their online communications. For example, we may collect a child’s email address in order to send the child a screen saver, but we promptly delete the email address from our system. Or, we may collect a child’s email address in order to enter the child in an on line activity such as a prize promotion and to send them further but limited online communications that they have opted to receive. We will not collect (nor encourage any child to give) more detailed information, such as a postal address or a telephone number, than is needed by us to facilitate that child’s selected activities, without first obtaining the written consent of a parent or guardian.

Our policy is that our on-line activities will not generally involve the publishing of any personal data relating to a child on any of our web sites, but if there is any specific occasion where publication is proposed then this will not take place unless that child’s parent or guardian has written to us with their specific consent to the proposed publication and then only after there has been pointed out to the parent or guardian the possible consequences of such a publication.

We urge parents to regularly monitor and supervise their children’s on-line activities.



You are in control of any personal information you provide to us on-line. If at any time, you would like to correct the personal information we have about you or if you would like to change your preferences for contacts from us or other members of the Chicken Cottage Family, you can let us know by contacting us at the postal address listed below.

In order to review any personal information we have collected about you via a web site or to ask us to delete that information or to stop further use of the information, please submit this request form.

In order to review any personal information we have collected about your child under 12 via a web site or to ask us to delete that information or to stop further use of the information, please submit this information request form.

Your right to submit the forms described above is separate from and does not affect your rights under applicable UK privacy and communications legislation.


How to Contact Us

If you have any questions about our Chicken Cottage Ltd Internet Privacy Policy, please contact us at:
Customer Services
Chicken Cottage Limited
14 Valley Poing, Beddington Farm Road,
Croydon, Surrey CR0 4WP.